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Adobe Aflac Airbus Group Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Bechtel Behavioral Health Group Build-A-Bear Workshop Chick-fil-A
College Pro Costco Wholesale Deseret Industries Devon Energy
GE Capital GlaxoSmithKline In-N-Out Burger Intuit
JetBlue Airways Corporation Johnson & Johnson LabCorp Lockheed Martin
Lush Cosmetics Maurices Planet Fitness Prometric
Publix QuikTrip Republic Services Salesforce
Sysco TruGreen Ultimate Software Wegmans

How Can JobTestPrep Help?

JobTestPrep specializes in creating test simulations that will help job applicants pass pre-employment assessment without trouble. Our specifically designed PrepPack™ contains materials enabling job applicants to perform clerical duties in the company of their choice. We have put together the Clerical / Meter Reading Test, the Numerical Reasoning Test, and the Verbal Reasoning Test and, for your convenience, supplied them with answer keys and study guides. When you practice with our resources, you will sharpen your reasoning, concentration, numerical and verbal abilities, all of which are indispensable for performing the clerical work well.

Because your behavior during the interview affects recruiters’ hiring decision as definitely as your test scores, we have included in our PrepPack™ interview materials as well. In our interview kit, you will find answers to the most frequently asked interview questions along with tips on how to comport yourself while talking to Human Resources representatives and your prospective managers. Arm yourself with confidence and clever answers and inspire your future employers to hire you to provide office support to their company.


What Is the Clerical Worker?

Clerical assistants perform various duties in an office, providing general office support and helping their company function smoothly. Typical duties of clerical workers may include answering and making phone calls in order to gather necessary information. Another way of receiving the necessary data and communicating with people that clerks usually use is writing letters or emails. Clerical workers also put the collected information on file and keep records of different documentations. It is also crucial for clerical assistants to know how to record and update databases. Office clerks also photocopy and scan documents, sort out posts, and receive and send faxes.

There are also clerical tasks that are specific to a company for which a clerical assistant works, depending on the industry to which the company belongs. If you want to work in a manufacturing company, you will frequently need to fill in shipping orders and track packages that you expect to receive.

In some companies, clerical duties are combined with those of a receptionist or a secretary. If you are hired as a secretary or receptionist, you will also need to make appointments for your managers, book airplane or train tickets for them, organize meetings, and order office supplies and food. You will also need to welcome guests, visitors, and job candidates, when they come to the company.

If you are a court clerk, your duties will be different from those of a secretary in a manufacturing company. At court, you will prepare dockets and help judges and lawyers. Working as a clerk in a bank, you will be required to do not only general office duties but also become responsible for task connected to money. You will work with investments and securities. You will be asked to write and process stock and bond orders and keep records of financial transactions. You will also perform tasks related to adjustments, claims, and loans.

What Skills Has the Office Assistant?

To be a good clerk, you need to possess both excellent communication skills and office competence. You do not need to have a degree to work in an office, but you need to have a high school diploma. You also need to possess basic computer skills and type accurately and quickly. To work in an office, you also need to know how to use such office equipment as fax, printer, copy machine, and others.

What Is the Clerical / Meter Reading Test?

To help you get employed as a clerk, we have included into our practice materials the Clerical / Meter Reading Test. This test is designed to help employers to evaluate whether their prospective employees possess good reading comprehension, computation, and visual speed and accuracy. By administering this test to their job candidates, employers also measure how well they understand coding and mathematical problems. To make the test yield more refined results, its creators divided it into 5 sections:  

  • The Computation Test estimates how well you know arithmetic and mathematic;
  • The Language Skills Test evaluates your language proficiency.
  • The Problem-Solving Test measures how well you solve problems narrated in short scenarios by using arithmetic operations.
  • The Coding Skills Test ascertains your ability to code information according to a prescribed system.
  • The Visual Speed and Accuracy Test is created to evaluate your visual perceptual abilities.

All parts included in the Clerical / Meter Reading Test are difficult and strictly timed. You will have very short time to complete each section. Coming to your test at the company without preparation, therefore, can lead to failure. Do not lay your professional future on the line. Study with JobTestPrep’s exclusive resources and prove to your future employers that you will lend excellent clerical support to their company.


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