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Why Should I Go Online Instead of Just Buying a Test Prep Book?


Our Online Preparation Book Preparation
Updates Packs are constantly updated Must buy the next edition
Content Huge packs include 30-100 practice tests Only 2- 10 practice test
Test Environment Timed tests - simulating real test conditions Non timed
Flexibility Tailor-made packs, customizable to your specific needs Generic Content – not personalized
Scores Personalized score reports – see your scores in comparison with other candidates None
Explanations Detailed, in-depth explanations of all questions and multiple solving strategies, allowing you to learn in the most comfortable way Brief explanations with references to different sections in the books
Customer Support For any inquiry - email us, and get a response within 24 hours No such thing

Books no longer provide the most current and complete Civil Service test preparation. Our online services not only give you access to much more practice tests than books, but also optimize your test preparedness with timed tests and auto-saved score reports that enable you to go back to questions you answered wrong. Track your progress, focus on what you need to improve, all with a vast library of practice tests at your fingertips.

Need To Study for More Than One Exam?

JobTestPrep offers a civil service all-inclusive pack which gives you access to all our available civil service preparation packs. The pack gives you the preparation packs in an organized manner, separating the questions by exam allowing you to study only the material you need instead of learning information that will be of no use to you. 

Access to 65 civil service test sample questions is free as a subscriber. All subscribers will also enjoy special discount coupon codes.

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