Civil Service Purchasing Assistant Exam Preparation - JobTestPrep
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What You'll Get

  • 17 Clerical aptitude tests
  • 12 Error checking tests
  • 9 Basic math tests
  • 7 Word problem tests
  • 18 Reading comprehension tests
  • 6 Vocabulary tests
  • 8 Study Guides
  • Money back guarantee


The Purchasing Assistant exam tests the following 4 areas:

  1. Arithmetic Computation with Calculator - These questions test your ability to perform basic arithmetic functions on a calculator and may ask you to calculate percentages and averages.
  2. Clerical Operations with Letters and Numbers - These questions test your attention to detail and require you to analyze data down to the letters and numbers of which it is made.
  3. Name and Number Checking - These questions test your attention to detail and ability to notice small differences between different sets of information.
  4. Office record keeping - These questions require you to read and interpret information in graphs,tables and other formats to keep records.

Prepare for the Civil Service Purchasing Assistant Exam

The wide array of question types and unique "thinking skills" tested on this exam can be extremely challenging. This preparation package contains practice tests to help you prepare for all the sections mentioned above. These practice tests will help you brush up on your clerical skills and simulate testing conditions. Start preparing today and apply with confidence.

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