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What's Included

  • 8 basic math tests  
  • 6 vocabulary tests  
  • 6 Language Presentation tests 
  • 6 sentence completion tests  
  • 7 grammar and spelling tests 
  • 14 Comparing and checking tests 
  • 3 Filing and alphabetizing tests 
  • 3 Coding tests 
  • 5 Record keeping tests 
  • 1 typing test 
  • 2 Working with letters & numbers tests 
  • 10 different study guides


While getting a score of 70% on your Civil Service Personalized Clerical exam is technically enough to get you shortlisted, competition in the job search market is growing stronger, which means you are going to have to prepare. Our specialized PrepPack will give you the low down on every segment, including Recordkeeping, vocabulary, language presentation, typing and more. You will revieve the lowdown on how many questions to expect, question formats, time limits and more. 

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