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Pennsylvania Civil Service Exams

You may have noticed when browsing the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission website that many of their civil service exams encompass more than one job title. Scroll to view the posting title and related jobs in each category.

Administrative Exams

Pennsylvania State employs many administrators and administrator’s assistants all across the state. Job responsibilities include roles in supervising, interviewing, and effective communication.

  • Administration and Management Trainee
    Related Job Titles: Administration and Management Trainee
  • Director of Housing Management
    Related Job Titles: Director of Housing Management
  • Legal and Administrative Assistants
    Related Job Titles: Legal Assistant 1, Legal Assistant 2, Legal Assistant 1 LG, Legal Assistant 2 LG, Administrative Assistant 1, Administrative Assistant 2, Administrative Assistant 1 LG, Administrative Assistant 2 LG
  • Office Staff Positions in Housing Authorities
    Related Job Titles: Management Aide (Housing), Assistant Property Manager (Housing), Property Manager (Housing), Assistant Section 8 Coordinator (Housing), Section 8 Coordinator (Housing), Resident Selection Supervisor (Housing)
  • Retirement Benefits Specialist and Supervisor
    Related Job Titles: Retirement Benefits Specialist Supervisor, Retirement Benefits Specialist
  • SERS Retirement Counselor Trainee
    Related Job Titles: SERS Retirement Counselor Trainee


Accounting positions are needed at all levels of State and Local Government to ensure effective operations. JobTestPrep offers a selection of Pennsylvania State Civil Service Accounting Exams that encompass a wide range of accounting professions. 

  • Accountants/Auditors/Examiners (Entry Level Professionals)
    Related Job Titles: Accountant 1 (Public Utility Commission), Public Utility Auditor Trainee, Accountant 1 (Local Government), Accountant 1, Executive Financial Associate, Depository Financial Institutions Examiner 1, Non-Depository Financial Institutions Examiner 1, Insurance Company Examiner Trainee, Audit Specialist 1, Revenue Tax Auditor Trainee, Financial Programs Trainee
  • Accountants, Fiscal Officers, and Corporation Tax Officer 1
    Related Job Titles: Fixed Utility Financial Analyst 1, Accountant 2 (Local Government), County Fiscal Officer 1 (Local Government), County Fiscal Officer 2 (Local Government), County Fiscal Officer 3 (Local Government), Accountant 2, Accountant 3, Executive Accounting Specialist, Corporation Tax Officer 1
  • Unemployment Compensation Tax Agent
    Related Job Titles: Unemployment Compensation Tax Agent

Fiscal Control

Pennsylvania Civil Service Fiscal Control positions typically involve accounting, finance, and management. Ace your Civil Service exam and increase your chances of getting hired for a Pennsylvania Fiscal Control position.

  • Fiscal Occupations (State / Local)
    Related Job Titles: Fiscal Assistant, Fiscal Technician, Fiscal Technician - Supervisory, Fiscal Assistant, Fiscal Technician, Fiscal Technician – Supervisory, Corporation Tax Account Technician, Unemployment Compensation Tax Technician Trainee

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