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Wisconsin State Government Jobs

If you are contemplating state government employment in Wisconsin, you can expect to encounter one or more of the Wisconsin Civil Service Exams administered in a variety of formats:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Essay – positions that require the production of substantial written material
  • Structured Oral Examination – positions that prioritize verbal communication
  • Training & Experience – online
  • Special Application Materials – specific positions
  • Objective Inventory Questionnaire – online checklist inventories regarding experience
  • Performance Test – simulation of actual on-the-job situation

All Wisconsin employment exams, including the Wisconsin Office Support Exam, assess job-related knowledge, skills and abilities that are essential for effective job performance. Most of the tests are administered in Paper & Pencil format at state exam centers.

Multiple-Choice Exam

The WI civil service exam is a written exam that contains five basic competencies:

  • Reading Comprehension – Your ability to understand passages is measured in this section of the exam. You do not need prior knowledge of the subject matter of any passage. Base your answers entirely on the information contained in each paragraph presented. The questions involve details, analyses or conclusions based on the passage.
  • Observation & Memory – The test presents pictures, to be studied for a short period of time. Focus on the small details of each picture. You are being tested on your ability to observe and remember facts. You will also be required to make conclusions based on the information contained in each picture.
  • Language Usage, Spelling, and Grammar – The knowledge of English language usage is assessed through this portion of the test. Some questions require the identification of errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and English usage. Other questions require the completion of given sentences with grammatically correct words or phrases.
  • Mathematics – Expect to find basic arithmetic calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages and rounding numbers to the nearest hundredths or tenths on the civil service exam Wisconsin. Many of the questions will involve word problems.
  • Charts, Graphs, and Tables – You will be asked to draw conclusions from the information contained in graphs and charts. Some of the skills measured in this section include: Following directions, differentiating between the details of various tables or graphs and working with percentages.

Through test preparation, you can take your pre-employment test with a positive attitude that will contribute to a more successful testing experience.

Importance of WI Civil Service Exam Results

70 is the passing threshold for the Wisconsin Civil Service Exam. But the grading does not generally stop at the “Pass.” Reaching a final score of 70 will place you on the employee register for the application job title. The names on that register are ranked in accordance with exam scores, highest to lowest. Those who end up in the job are the candidates with the best test results.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

In order to successfully pass the Wisconsin civil service exam, then you must prepare. As was noted above, it is important to pass with a high score. Practice and prepare with JobTestPrep's Wisconsin civil service exam study guide, as well as WI civil service practice tests. You can start with civil service exam sample questions.

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