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A Look at the Mississippi State Personnel Board

The State of Mississippi employs over 30,000 salaried workers. The Mississippi State Personnel Board (MSPB) is the hiring mechanism, offering challenging work and a commitment to serve the citizens of Mississippi through high-quality employees and top workforce management. One of the key elements in the Mississippi civil service hiring process is the testing phase including a standardized “Behavioral Interview.”

What to Expect at the Behavioral Interview Oral Test

When applying for Mississippi civil service jobs you may encounter an oral test. You will be provided a pre-interview packet. It includes a fully detailed job description and format of the upcoming interview. The uniform nature of the interview questions is ensured by a previously established list of best and worst answers for scoring purposes. Experts in the field of behavioral testing score and evaluate each completed test.

The questions are organized into three main categories: Public Sector Core Competencies, Management Competencies, and Technical Competencies. The type of job determines the test(s) to be administered. The questions concern your reactions to real life work experiences.

The Public Sector Core Competencies test includes two levels: Level I – First Line Operational, consisting of direct task services. Level II – Professional, encompassing professional and managerial jobs. There are 79 questions dealing with eight main behavioral traits:

  1. Integrity
  2. Accountability
  3. Work Ethic
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Service Orientation
  6. Self-Management
  7. Self-Development
  8. Interpersonal Skills

The Management Competencies consist of 100 questions spanning three levels of management, assessing five behavioral aspects:

  1. Emotional Maturity
  2. Self-Management
  3. Results Oriented
  4. Macro Oriented
  5. Working through Others

The Technical Competencies involve:

  • Political Savvy
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Strategic Agility
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Technical Proficiency


Application and Hiring Process

When looking for a MS state personnel board job openings search the website and click on “Job Seekers.” Find the job title that interests you and then click the “Apply” link. To complete your application you must create an account with a Username and Password, then click on the “Build a Job Application” link, which can be saved and used for multiple job openings. You can apply with a hard copy by printing a PDF application, and mailing the completed form to MSPB.

In accordance with specific job requirements, a “Supplemental Questions” page must be completed and attached to your application. This page can be found at the bottom of the “Job Openings” list. After you have chosen a job, click on “Print Job Information.”

Prepare for Mississippi Civil Service Exams

Mississippi civil service jobs are awarded on a merit basis to those who strive to succeed, taking the time and making the effort to fully prepare for the hiring process. JobTestPrep helps ensure your successful job application by providing you the necessary tools in the job testing phase. JobTestPrep is now offering civil service practice test packs, complete with answers and detailed explanations. Prepare now with our Civil Service state exam preparation packs and Free Civil Service Exam Sample Questions.

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