Application Process

Before applying for a Georgia government job you will have to set up an Applicant Account and complete a State of Georgia Resume Builder. Afterwards, you can easily apply for the job that best fits your qualifications and interests, online to over 140 Georgia State agencies. 

You may discover that the job title you are applying for requires additional materials like a paper application and resume. If these additional documents are required. At the Department of Administrative Services, you can access and download the State of Georgia Application and Supplemental Work History forms. Mail the completed Application, with Supplemental forms attached, directly to the agency.

Entry Qualifications for Your Job

Under each job listing you will find minimum competencies required for the position, and a second category of “preferred qualifications.” These include education, prior work experience, and professional licenses. The “minimum competencies” sets a threshold for job eligibility. The “preferred qualifications” establish your hiring potential.

Testing & Evaluation

Unlike most states, Georgia civil service exams are not administered by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services’ Human Resources Administration Division. Instead, it is the individual department or agency that is responsible for administering and evaluating the exam to potential employees. If the job you apply for requires a test, you must contact the specific agency to schedule the exam and discover the subject areas that will be tested.

Prepare for Your Interview

Most likely you will encounter only a telephone interview with your prospective supervisor. However, an in-person interview is required occasionally. These are held at the Georgia Department of Human Resources. An in-person skills test is likewise required for certain jobs.

Generally, your interview will discuss your best and worst work experiences, and your reactions to them. One standard question is: “Why should we hire you?” JobTestPrep specializes in preparing you for the interview process and for all required pre-employment tests to enhance your test score and interview results.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

You can expect the hiring process to take from 1 to 6 weeks. JobTestPrep works with you for a comfortable and successful job interview, job test, and outcome, with our practice tests and study guides.

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