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What's Included

  • Accounting tests
  • Comparing and Checking tests
  • Filing and Alphabetizing tests
  • Working with Letters & Numbers tests
  • Logical Reasoning tests
  • Coding and Memory tests
  • Over 40 Verbal Reasoning tests
  • 36 more numerical practice tests - Tables & Graphs, Word-Math Problems, Working with a Calculator, Basic Arithmetic, Conversions
  • 6 different study guides
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Secured payment 
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


Accounting Terms - These questions assess your knowledge of accounting basic terms and concepts.
Accounting Problems - These questions assess your ability to apply principles and practices of financial record keeping, and to understand the general ledger.
Comparing & Checking -  These questions test your attention to detail and ability to notice small differences between different sets of information.
Alphabetizing/Filing - Assesses your ability to file documents in correct alphabetical order.
Working with Letters and Numbers - These questions test your attention to detail and require you to analyze data down to the letters and numbers of which it is made.
Memorization - These questions test your ability to remember information such as pictures, numbers, or words. You will be presented with a selection and given five minutes to memorize it, after which the selection will be removed and you will be asked questions.
Coding - These questions assess your ability to properly understand coding guidelines in order to determine the correct code for given information, or understand what information can be inferred from a given code.
Inductive Reasoning - Questions that will require you to understand a rule by piecing together the different information given.
Deductive Reasoning - To solve these questions you will be required to correctly apply general rules to a specific problem.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Before any exam it is always wise to brush up on the subject at hand. With our custom all-inclusive Accounting preparation pack you can brush up on just about any subject that will come your way during your accounting exam. 

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