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All accounting paraprofessional jobs offered by the Louisiana State Department of Civil Service, require an APT exam to test job-related skills and determine whether or not an applicant is eligible to enter the hiring process. The “pass” threshold is 70.

For those even with a minimal accounting background and have taken the time to prepare, the potential for APT success is great. JobTestPrep offers practice tests for the 9242 Accounting Paraprofessional Test.

Format of APT

Series 9242 is comprised of a timed, 60 question, multiple-choice written exam. The accounting paraprofessional exam is meant to simply assess an applicants basic accounting and bookkeeping abilities.

Louisiana APT 9242 Content

You can expect to be tested on the fundamentals of four basic categories:

  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting Problems – 20 questions. In regard to bookkeeping and accounting issues, the test presents word problems encompassing the use of various modes and functions such as tables of names and numbers, number charts, basic arithmetic and percentages.
  2. Accounting Terms – 10 questions. You are expected to know the meaning of various accounting terms such as credit, debit, equity v. asset, debt v. liability, and “straight-line” method of depreciation.
  3. Journal Items – 15 questions. The journal questions test your ability to accurately record journal entries for particular transactions. One or more items will include a short passage and list of accounts. The task is to select the alternative with the proper journal entry in accordance with both the scenario of the question and the accounts list. Some items require the selection of correct account debits and credits pursuant to the business action presented.
  4. Mathematics – 15 questions. Every math item contains a word problem. The computations involve basic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages and averages. Information charts and passages are two of the methods of assessment.

Louisiana Accounting Civil Service Jobs

Some of the job titles that require the 9242 APT test include:

  • Accounting Specialist Supervisor
  • Accounting Specialist 1
  • Accounting Specialist 2
  • Accounting Technician
  • Accountant-Auditor
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Associate and Administrative Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Systems Specialist

Accounting Paraprofessional Test Tips

  • Arrive at the exam site early, as available seating is on the basis of first-come, first-served.
  • Be alert, listen carefully to oral instructions, and pay attention to written instructions.
  • Keep track of your time during the course of the exam.
  • Carefully read each passage, question, and all alternatives before selecting your answer.
  • Most testing experts recommend completing easy questions first, then back-tracking to answer the more complicated questions. However, this method requires you to pay close attention to your Answer Sheet, making sure that the number you are marking corresponds to the question you are answering.
  • There is no penalty for wrong answers; therefore, answer every item and guess if necessary.

Prepare for the 9242 Accounting Paraprofessional Test

If you’re looking for a paraprofessional practice test you’ve come to the right place. JobTestPrep has a customized Prep Pack for the 9242 Accounting Paraprofessional Test. The Prep Pack includes paraprofessional practice tests online and study guides to help you excel on the exam.

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