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What's Included

  • 21 different practice tests including all of the subjects seen on the Engineering Assistant exam
  • 3 Filing tests
  • 3 Comparing & checking tests
  • 3 Math word problem tests
  • 11 English usage tests 
  • 3 different study guides
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


The Louisiana Engineering Technician Civil Service Exam is administered to applicants for the position of Engineering Technician 1. This is an entry-level job, requiring no prior experience or training.

The outcome of your 9111 test will determine whether or not you may proceed further in the hiring process. This is an important exam if your aim is to become an Engineering Technician for the State of Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD). As with all tests, exam preparation is the key to optimizing your potential for achieving a successful test result.

By practicing on sample tests, you will become familiar with the types of engineering test questions found on the 9111 exam. Reviewing an analysis of sample questions, alternatives, and correct answers yield a clearer understanding of the focus and relevance of test items, as well as the reasoning behind the expected answers.

Format and Content of the Engineering 9111 Test

Part 1: Attention to Detail

Is comprised of 100 questions, where you will need to find the difference between similar shapes. This section of the exam should take seven minutes.

Symbols, numbers, and shapes comprise the pairs that are found in this section of series 9111. You may not skip any items, and do not guess the answers. The scoring entails the number of correct answers minus the number of wrong and skipped answers.

Speed and accuracy are assessed in Part 1. So answer as many questions as you can, without guessing. Concentration is essential. Quickly scan each pair, mark your answer and move on. The more you practice on sample tests, the easier it will be to match your speed to the time limit of the exam.

Part 2: English Usage/Following Directions/Problem Solving

A 60 question, multiple choice exam.Unlike Part 1, the score on the second section is based only upon correct answers. Therefore, answer all items and guess when necessary.

English Usage – Measured along with your knowledge of English usage are spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A paragraph involving engineering scenarios is presented, consisting of several numbered lines. Each line becomes an item with four alternatives. The task is to mark the alternative that contains the best way to write the line.

Following Directions – This portion of the 9111 Engineering Test assesses the ability to read and understand a set of rules, using the rules to answer the questions. Each set of rules is followed by several items that will be answered through the application of the rules.

Problem Solving – Mathematics word problems are the focus of this exam portion, which includes calculations based on functions such as arithmetic, percentages and ratios.

Prepare for the 9111 Engineering Exam

JobTestPrep offers a unique preparation program for job seekers that take the 9111 Engineering exam. Our 9111 Civil Engineering preparation pack includes practice tests, detailed explanations and study guides which will help you thoroughly prepare for the exam, and will allow you to excel on the actual exam.

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