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What's Included

  • 3 Clerical Operations with Letters and Numbers tests
  • 7 Arithmetic Reasoning tests
  • 7 Arithmetic Computation Without Calculators tests
  • Study guides
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Realistic typing test simulations for a variety of texts
  • Immediate access, practice 24/7
  • Secured payment 
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


The Entry Level Account Clerical exam assesses knowledge and skills required in your civil service exam. The sections that appear on the test are:

  • Clerical Operations with Letters and Numbers - these questions test your attention to detail and require you to analyze data down to the letters and numbers of which it is made. 
  • Arithmetic Reasoning - math word problems in which you will need to figure out and implement the correct method to solve a math problem presented in the form of a story.
  • Arithmetic Computation Without Calculators - perform basic arithmetic functions quickly and accurately.

Prepare for the Entry Level Account Clerical Test

Practice makes perfect. A higher score on the civil service exam improves your chances of being summoned for an interview. This preparation package provides you with practice tests, a study guide, tips, and more, all of which will fully prepare you for the various sections of the test. Start preparing with JobTestPrep today.

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