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What's Included

Different practice tests, including:

  • 10 General accounting tests
  • 19 Understanding and interpreting written material tests
  • 13 Understanding and interpreting tabular material tests
  • 15 Preparing reports and official documents tests
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


 The subjects you will be tested on are as follows:

  • General Accounting - This is a test of general accounting principles and practices and of financial reasoning. JobTestPrep provides practice tests that review basic level knowledge of accounting practices, and numerical reasoning drills in financial context. The practice pack does not include revision of higher-level accounting regulations, nor does it utilize outputs of professional accounting softwares.
  • General Auditing - These questions evaluate your knowledge of auditing techniques and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. In addition, you will have to be familiar with principles and procedures involved in substantiating or examining transactions and financial statements.
  • Understanding and interpreting written material - These questions assess how well you understand written material. In this section, you will be presented with a passage followed by questions that must be answered based on the information presented.
  • Understanding and interpreting tabular material - These questions test your ability to understand and analyze data presented in tabular form.
  • Preparing Reports and Official Documents - These questions that require you to properly structure sentences and paragraphs in order to clearly express yourself in writing.
  • Governmental Accounting – In this section you will be assessed for knowledge of the accounting practices employed to provide financial information. In addition, you will be evaluated for your familiarity with common governmental funds, accounting for revenue and expenditures, etc.

JobTestPrep Advantage

JobTestPrep offers the ultimate preparation package for the civil service Auditor Trainee 1 test. The Auditor Trainee 1 package provides you with practice tests with hundreds of different questions. Although our preparation package doesn't include general auditing and governmental accounting exercises, it provides excellent practice material for the rest of the sections which appear on the test. With our preparation, you will be able to impress your future employer and pass your civil service exam successfully. 

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