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Any recruitment process, including interviews and tests takes a tremendous amount of preparation. You will be challenged to show what you are professionally made of. Start practicing with JobTestPrep right away and beat the competition to the signing line.




Start Your Champs Sports Recruitment Process Preparations Today!







How to Prepare for the Champs Sports Interview




To get through your interviews, it is important to show your passion for the products and ability to relate to people. Here are a few questions from recent interviews at Champs Sports.




Assistant Manager Interview




  • Tell us a little bit about your past work experience?
  • How would you handle an employee who is not properly doing his job?
  • Can you name three brands of shoes and accessories we carry?
  • How would you handle an unhappy customer




Retail Sales Associate Interview




  • If you helped a co-worker make a sale and he tries to claim the entire commission, what would you do?
  • What about Champs Sports attracts you?
  • Can you name three brands of shoes and accessories we carry?
  • What sports figure inspires you and why?




Cashier Associate Interview




  • What type of shifts can you commit to working?
  • How can you draw from past work experiences to enhance your work ethic?
  • Sell me this shoe?
  • Tell us about a time you failed to make a sale and why?







Champs Sports Assessment Tests




The Champs Sports aptitude tests may vary according to the position available. Generally higher level positions will require a more through process.




Personality test




There are several types of questions asked on the Personality Test. You may be shown pictures of people and asked to predict what emotional reaction they will exhibit in certain circumstances. You may also be required to rank your own attitude toward certain situations or statements on the scale from 1 to 5, saying whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly.




Logical Reasoning Test




This test looks at skills in the arenas in logic and math by providing you with hints and clues and it is your job to put together the puzzle and complete the broader picture. If you are quick on your feet and are witty, you will do well.





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