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About Century 21

Established in 1961, the Century 21 Department Store is known for its exceptional designer merchandise, providing up to 65% off retail every day. For over 50 years, the Century 21 Department Store has been a leader in high-end fashion retail and offers apparel, cosmetics, and accessories for all ages. Century 21 Department Store is headquartered in New York City and runs 13 stores.

Begin Your Century 21 Hiring Process Preparation

The Century 21 recruitment process is listed below

  • Online Application: Submitting an application form may be conducted online, through a campus recruiter, or with an employee referral. Candidates must submit their resumes as well for employers to assess their experience and skills.
  • Telephone Interview: The next stage may be a brief screening phone conversation with an HR recruiter to give candidates more information regarding the position.
  • Interview: At this stage, candidates may face one or more interview sessions with managers and employers. Group and panel interviews may also take place depending on the level of the jobs being applied for.
  • Tests: Completing psychometric entrance exams may be required during the hiring process since these assessments help employers gather more reliable sources.

Century 21 Tests

The Century 21 assessment test process expects that test-takers display skills and knowledge pertaining to the position. Aptitude tests include the mathematical reasoning exam, which assesses candidates’ overall analysis of statistical data. The verbal and logical reasoning exams measure written understanding and decision-making abilities.

The situational judgement (SJT) and Century 21 personality test assess applicants’ behavioral reactions and character traits. These assessments are based on how candidates respond to situational test questions. Using the answers given, employers can assume how applicants may act in the workplace in the future.

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Century 21 Interview Questions

The interview process takes place in order to assess job seekers’ knowledge and personality profile by asking questions based on behavioral and technical questions. Below are some examples of interview questions to practice with:

  • If a customer was angry about an item no longer being on sale how would you handle it?
  • How would you keep customers coming back to your counter?
  • Why do you want to work at Century 21?
  • What two personality traits can you bring to the workplace?


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