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About JobTestPrep’s Centerra Wonderlic-Style Packs

Boost your confidence and glide through Centerra’s hiring process and Wonderlic tests with our exclusive PrepPacks™ and get the job you always wanted.


Gain the Test Taking Skills You Need to Pass the Centerra Wonderlic Testing

The Centerra Wonderlic tests will be a breeze after practicing with JobTestPrep. Our PrepPacks™ were designed to help you in outperforming the other Centerra candidates. Join us today and receive countless invaluable practice tests and study guides to help you throughout the Centerra hiring process.


What to Expect on Centerra’s Interview

When applying for a position with Centerra, you may need to participate in several interviews prior to receiving a job offer. The first interview that you encounter may be a screening interview held over the phone. This type of interview is often conducted by a representative from the HR department and will include questions regarding your availability, salary expectations, and previous work experience.

Successfully passing the screening interview should result in you being contacted to take part in a face-to-face interview. A typical face-to-face interview will either be held one-to-one, with a group or panel. The group and panel interviews commonly include members of management for the department you have applied for, as well as HR representatives. Preparing for each type of interview will not only put your mind at ease, you will also be able to answer your interviewers’ questions quickly and efficiently.

Why Should I Take the Numerical Reasoning Test?

Many companies utilize the Numerical Reasoning test, because they want to ascertain that their employers can perform basic mathematical operations indispensable for performing many duties in the workplace. Employers also want to evaluate how well you understand numerical data presented in charts or graphs. The speed and accuracy of your calculations will also be measured.

What to Avoid at the Face-To-Face Interview?

When you arrive to the face-to-face interview, do your best to be punctual. You do not want to keep interviewers waiting for you and, in so doing, antagonize them, even before you start answering questions. You may also need to have few minutes before the interview to collect your thoughts. Always remember the names of your interviewers. When you are called for the second round of the interview process, you will score more points, if you remember names of the people who interviewed you before. During the interview, try to stay cool under all provocations. Interviewers may challenge your answers only to see how you behave under pressure. You will strengthen a good impression you are making on the recruiters, if you avoid being confrontational in response to their attack. Do not lie. You may do yourself a huge disservice, if you tell tall tales on the interview. Instead of benefitting you, lies may cost you a job offer.

What Will the Hiring Manager Ask During the Sit Down?

While we are no mind readers and cannot predict for certain what will be asked, there are a number of commonly asked questions that you should review and prepare answers for, but here are just three.

  • What Can You Tell Me About the Company? This is important because as a Centerrajob applicant, you need to show that you care about what the company does and identify with its mission. Follow the company’s website and social media outlets to get a better idea.
  • How Can You Improve Professionally? Finding the right balance for this question is crucial because you want to show that you want to continue to improve and move forward, but on the other hand you don’t want to come off as incompetent. So, what to do? Give an example of something that needs improvement, while showing at the same time what you are doing to improve it
  • Why Are You Switching Jobs? You can be sure the interviewer will throw this one your way. Always stay positive and never bash your other company, talk about your need to grow professionally, learn new skills and take on more responsibility.

Can JobTestPrep Bring Me Up to Speed?

JobTestPrep Our all-inclusive curriculum, includes answer explanations, score reports, practice tests, interview preparation and more to help keep you on track to the signing line.

Is the Centerra Wonderlic Test Limited to the Level of the Position in the Company?

After passing through the screening call and having your resume check over (usually an automated process), you will be invited to take the Centerra Wonderlic Test. These tests are adaptable for the 9-5 worker to the upper C-Level positions and make sure that at whatever level you can do what you claim and are the right fit.


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