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What's Included

  • 15 tables and graphs tests
  • 7 word problems tests
  • 7 basic math drills
  • 4 number series tests
  • 5 algebra tests
  • 15 reading comprehension tests
  • 3 understanding information tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 4 math study guides


JobTestPrep will provide you with the resources to prepare for the online tests, interview, and presentation stages involved in the hiring process for a consultant position. Our sophisticated PrepPack™ includes mathematical and verbal reasoning tests, reading comprehension tests, and drills, in addition to detailed study guides and answer keys. Prepare for your pre-employment assessment tests and interviews with JobTestPrep's materials and realize your ambition to work at Capitec Bank as a consultant.

Capitec Bank's Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep has collected in the Capitec PrepPack™ different tests designed to prepare you for the position of a consultant at Capitec Bank. Apart from study guides, answer keys, and interview practice, we have included in the package also tables and graph tests, word problem tests, number series and algebra tests, and reading comprehension tests, each of which is made to guarantee that, if you practice, you will become the employers' first choice for the consultant's position.

Capitec's Table and Graph Test

Charts in numerical reasoning questions are used to present data for the question and are a visual aid to help you understand the data under discussion. There are two types of charts used on numeracy tests: graphs and tables. A graph shows the relation between a number of different things or variables, which are each measured along a pair of axes at right angles. Tables, on the other hand, display a set of facts and figures according to a system designed to fit a lot of information into a small space.

In a table and graph based test you are presented with numerical data in the form of tables and graphs. After carefully analyzing the information, you must choose the correct answer from several different options. There is often more than one question per data set. There are generally between 20 and 30 questions, and you have approximately one minute to answer each question. The test covers a wide range of basic mathematical concepts, such as percentages, ratios, and the four arithmetic operations. Calculators are typically allowed. Questions assess your ability to extract information, draw conclusions, and apply data analysis skills—all under strict time constraints.

Capitec's Verbal Comprehension Test

Verbal Comprehension tests measure candidates' ability to comprehend written text. A series of passages that relate to everyday issues (safety, short articles, or product instructions) are followed by questions which need to be answered based on the information presented.


Capitec's Mathematical Reasoning Tests

Mathematical Reasoning tests often assess your mathematical skills that you probably have not used in years. Our practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Using our PrepPacks™ gives you a great base in your skill level that will enable you to really get to grips with any type of question that may appear on the exam.

Capitec Bank's Pre-employment Assessment is complex. Its exam consists of different parts evaluating your numerical and verbal skills, Reading Comprehension, your knowledge of algebra, and your ability to understand information presented in graphs. Succeeding on such a complex and long exam without preliminary preparation is difficult. Do not hurt your chances of doing well on your examination by coming unprepared. Practice with our comprehensive resources, score high on your tests, and become shortlisted for a face-to-face interview with Capitec's representatives.


Practice for the Capitec's Assessment Tests 

JobTestPrep has closely modeled its test simulations upon Capitec Bank's official pre-employment tests, adding to them drills, detailed study guides, and answer keys, to familiarize you with the test's format and help you track your progress while practicing. Our all-inclusive preparation pack will sharpen your numerical, verbal, and reasoning skills, indispensable to the position of a consultant, and, thereby, secure you a spot at the company.


Capitec Bank's Hiring Process for the Position of a Consultant

To receive an offer at Capitec Bank for the consultant's position, you must pass all stages of Capitec's hiring process. After making sure your CV clearly demonstrates your relevance to the consultant's position, you should submit your application. This will start the application process. Next, you will be invited for a phone interview, in which a Human Resources representative will ask you about your education, working history, and career goals. If you pass Capitec's pre-employment examination, you will then be asked to participate in a face-to-face interview with Capitec's high managers.

Capitec Bank Assessment Tests for a Consultant Position

Candidates for a Consultant position face a series of tests, which consist of graph and tables test, mathematical and verbal skills tests, word problems tests, and numerical reasoning test. With the help of our Capitec Consultant PrepPack™, you will pass your actual pre-employment assessment easily and successfully.


Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What Skills Do Numerical Tests Measure?

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to look at the range of skills and abilities needed to perform almost any job. Basic maths or computations skills, such as the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), percentages, and ratios, to name a few, are all needed on a daily basis. Being able to understand and analyze graphs and other numerical data is necessary for many graduate and management positions. If you work in the finance or banking sector, financial reasoning skills are a must. As part of the hiring process, technical jobs often require applicants to have speed and concentration when working with numerical data. Critical reasoning is necessary for many high-level positions, while estimation skills are also a big advantage in many jobs.

What should I emphasize in my Capitec's interview?

In your face-to-face interview, you should emphasize why you are the correct choice for the consultant position. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to succeed as a consultant. Use the STAR method: to answer questions, because this method provides a complete picture and is an engaging way to answer interviewers' questions.

What Is a Mathematical Reasoning Test?

Mathematical reasoning tests, or pre-hire math tests, are the generic terms for number-based assessments that range from basic mathematics or arithmetic tests to high-level mathematical reasoning assessments. The test types correspond to the job level, including a high-ranking position of a consultant.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for My Capitec Mathematical Reasoning Test?


JobTestPrep can help you prepare for your Capitec mathematical reasoning test through the use of our comprehensive study guides, answer explanations, and answer keys. Our high-quality practice materials are sure to give you an advantage over the other candidates.

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