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Intake Exam

The Intake Exam is the police written exam that is required to become an officer in the province of British Columbia. Becoming familiar with the exam will help you achieve your goal of becoming an officer.

Intake Exam Content & Format

The Intake Exam assesses practical skills sets that police officers must use on a regular basis while performing their duties. The exam is divided into four modules and is three hours in length. Each department may choose how many marks each section is worth and what the passing score will be.

The four modules:

  • Assessment of Memory and Observation Skills: This module is divided into two sections. The question format is multiple choice. At the beginning of the exam, you will be shown a police bulletin and asked to read and remember as much of the information as possible. You will then watch a video detailing a crime-in-progress. Section A is focused on what is shown in the video and is comprised of 15 multiple choice questions designed to test your memory and observation skills. Section B is comprised of 5 multiple choice questions relating to the police bulletin.
  • Assessment of Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking Skills: This module is divided into three sections. The objective of this module is to assess your reading comprehension skills, ability to reason and think critically, and ability to apply basic math skills. The math skills required by this section include competency in addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, and fractions. The first section presents an article that you must read and answer questions about. Answers in this section are written in sentence and paragraph form, as necessary. The second and third sections detail crimes and accident scenes and then ask questions about the information given. Answers in these two sections can be written in point form.
  • Assessment of Summary Skills: This module requires you to read a witness statement and write a coherent summary that captures the essential message of the witness statement. The summary is written in paragraph form.
  • Assessment of Writing and Editing Skills: This module is divided into three sections. Each section presents one passage of text for editing and revising. You will need to revise the passages, eliminating errors in the following areas: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and word choice.

Sample Questions

We provide sample questions in common areas found on police exams to prepare you for the exam. Try practicing for the exam with our free sample questions.

Intake Exam Prep with JobTestPrep

We provide you with test format and content to prepare you for the exam. Our custom made police practice packs will help you get one step closer to becoming a police officer in British Columbia. We are currently working on an Intake Police Practice Test to fit the specific needs of the British Columbia police exam.

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