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What Is the Caliper Test?

This is a psychological assessment ascertaining how talented job applicants are and predicting whether their personalities will fit the type of job they are expected to do in the organization. There are 180 questions on the Caliper Test, and no time limit assigned. On average, it takes two hours to complete the test, but you can ask for a time extension, if needed. There are also no right and wrong answers on this test since its questions simply require you to describe yourself honestly, choosing a trait that best describes you among several alternatives.

This task is only deceptively easy. What is difficult is that you are often required to choose not between a negative and positive trait but between four or five positive traits. It may be fairly easy for you to say whether you are hot or even-tempered. But if you are asked to choose between such positive traits as “conscientious,” “trustworthy,” or “authoritative,” you will need to weigh carefully which of these traits describes you more exactly. If you think that you possess all of them in equal measure, you may find it difficult to decide which quality is still dominant in your personality. What trait you consider prevailing and which secondary will reveal a lot about your personality to your recruiters.

Your answers on the Caliper Test will be analyzed by specialists who will be looking for the best candidacy for the advertised position. Even though the test’s requirement is to describe yourself honestly, you will do better on it, if you go through a few dry runs with JobTestPrep’s simulations of the Caliper Test. Our materials will show you how to highlight your best qualities most effectively and how to leave the most favorable impression about yourself on your employers.  

What Companies Administer the Caliper Test?

Below is the list of companies asking job candidates to pass the Caliper Test:

BUCHI Corporation

Located in New Castle, Delaware, this company produces lab instruments using Evaporation and Vacuum technologies. It is also widely known as the supplier of Rotavapor rotary evaporators. BUCHI also invents spray dryers for pharmaceutical and food agglomeration and microencapsulation. The company’s other products include NIR spectroscopy instruments for pharmaceutical and food quality control and modular flash chromatography systems. BUCHI is an affiliate of BUCHI Labortechnik AG headquartered in Switzerland.

Central Maine Healthcare Corporation

Founded in 1891, the Central Maine Healthcare Corporation operates hospitals and medical centers for patients living in Maine. Services that it offers include but are not restricted to weight loss surgery, cardiac and vascular, diabetes, cancer care, head and neck, gastroenterology, nutrition, pediatrics, plastic surgery, sleep care, trauma care, urgent care, allergy, dermatology, and palliative care. Doctors and especially nurses applying for positions in the Central Maine Healthcare Corporation are asked to pass the Caliper test in addition to other tests relevant to the field of their specialization.  

Cox Automotive

Established in 2014 with the aim of consolidating all automotive businesses of Cox, Cox Automotive is a business unit of Cox Enterprises located in Atlanta. The business of Cox Automotive is divided into five groups. Four of them are based in the US and include auto auctions, financial, media, and software services. There is also an international group of international brands providing services outside America.

Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation

This company offers such services for fighter jets and business aircrafts as marketing, supporting, and maintaining. It also maintains, repairs, and overhauls engines and other parts of aircrafts. The company serves private people and corporate, federal, and military customers not only in the USA but also in other countries worldwide. Although headquartered in New Jersey, Dassault Falcon has offices also in Arkansas, Delaware, Nevada, and Brazil. It is a subsidiary of Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault S.A.   

CHI Franciscan Health

Earlier known as Franciscan Health System, it is a nonprofit health care system based in Tacoma, Washington, and affiliated with Catholic Health Initiatives. Doctors and nurses, and other medical staff working for CHI Franciscan Health comprise so-called Franciscan Medical Group (FMG). The group altogether has 200 primary and specialty care clinics. The most well-known out of them are Harrison Medical Centre in Bremerton and Silverdale, St. Antony Hospital in Gig Harbor, and St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way. Those who wish to join the crews of these and other hospitals are usually asked to pass the Caliper Test in addition to other exams required by a specific applied position. The managers of the CHI Franciscan Health want to ensure that its employees posses traits indispensable for working with ill patients and elderly people.   


Established in 1985 and headquartered in Tokyo and Yokohama, this is a Japanese accounting company. It provides professional services in the management, accounting, and tax fields. In addition, HIDA also gives start-up support, financial advice, and management consulting. The latter includes cash management and relationship management services. To hire only qualified specialists who possess required qualities to do their job well, the company’s employers invite all job applicants to take the Caliper Tests. Only those candidates who manage to build an attractive, reliable personality profile become shortlisted for an interview with HIDA’s managers.

ifm effector, inc

Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, and established in 1985, the company also has locations in other parts of the USA and internationally. Operating as a subsidiary of ifm electronic gmbh, it develops, manufactures, and markets electronic sensors for such industries as assembly and robotics, automotive, material handling, packaging, metal forming, plastics, and food and beverage.  Among the products of ifm effector are inductive, capacitive, magnetic, optical fork and angle, laser and distance measurement, photoelectric, and valve position sensors. It also produces speed sensors, inclination sensors, and pulse evaluative systems. Its vision sensors include inspection sensors, 3D sensors, 3D cameras, and illumination products. The company also provides safety products.  

J.J. Taylor Companies, Inc

This is a company that distributes different kinds of beer in Minnesota and Florida. A large arsenal of its beverages includes craft, seasonal, specialty, and gluten free beers along with flavored malt beverages, ciders, and non-alcoholic drinks. In addition to its own products, J.J. Taylor also distributes beverages brewed by local breweries. Founded in 1958, the company is based in Jupiter, Florida, but also has locations in Minneapolis and Tampa. Before employing job applicants for some selected positions, the company’s managers invite them to take the Caliper Test to ascertain that they will perfectly fit the rest of the staff and will not demonstrate counterproductive tendencies.

Marlin Leasing Corporation

Based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, this company provides equipment financing services along with franchise financing services. Among its clients are food, healthcare, industrial, information technology, and security industries. Marlin Business Bank offers to its customers competitive rate business and personal certificates. Some of the company’s prospective employees take the Caliper Test as a part of their pre-hire assessment. Marlin’s managers want to ensure that job candidates possess required traits to excel in their new workplace.

Omron Corporation

Known in the past as Omron Tateisi Electronics, this is a Japanese electronic company. Its main focus is manufacturing and selling automation components, systems, and equipment. However, Omron’s the most well-known products are medical tools such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers, a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of mist inhaled into the lungs. Omron is famous for developing the first electronic ticket gate and the first automated teller machine (ATM). Its business is divided into several areas: industrial automation, electronic components, automotive electronics, social systems, and healthcare.   

Penske Corporation

Founded in 1969 and located in Bloomfield Township, this is an American privately-held company that offers various transportation services. The corporation is named after Roger Penske, the auto racing champion, who has long been serving as its chairman. Penske Corporation has many subsidiaries, which include the motorsport team, Team Penske, and a retail automotive, Penske Motor Group. It also owns stakes in such companies as Penske Truck Leasing, Penske Automotive Group, and DJR Team Penske, where it owns more than 50% of stocks.

ReSource Pro

The company offers business process outsourcing services. Its principal clients are agents, brokers, and carriers working in insurance industry. ReSource Pro also provides insurance process outsourcing and advisory services primarily for retail and wholesale insurance business models, staffing solutions for peak-season workload periods, and productivity pro solutions. Although headquartered in New York, the company also has offices in China. ReSources Pro was established in 2003 and operates as a subsidiary of the Distinguished Programs Group. For some positions, the company asks job applicants to take the Caliper Test to see how gifted they are and verify that their personalities match the type of the job they are hired to do.   

Swisslog Holding

This is a Swiss company that specializes in integrated automation solutions for warehouses, distribution centres, and hospitals. Headquartered in Switzerland, Swisslog also has offices in more than twenty countries and belongs to the KUKA Group, a German robotics and automation solutions supplier. Its business is divided into two parts: Warehouse and Distribution and Healthcare Solutions. The former division supplies solutions for warehouses and distribution centers in such industries as food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. The latter division provides hospital logistics services.

Tricon Energy

Based in Houston, Texas, and founded in 1996, this company specializes in moving and marketing industrial chemicals and polymer intermediates. The products that it transmits include fuels, petrochemical derivatives, chloralkali, and dry bulk products. Tricon Energy also offers such services as large transactions, small scale deliveries, financing, risk management, market intelligence, and logistics. Although its head office is located in America, the company operates in all parts of the world. Some of its prospective employers are asked to pass the Caliper Test, in addition to other forms of assessments. Managers at Tricon Energy base their hiring decisions not only on candidates’ behavior during interviews but also on the results of their Caliper Test.  


JobTestPrep goes out of its way to create test simulations that will not only familiarize you with the formats of your upcoming tests but will also prepare you for your pre-hire assessments. Purchase our top-notch PrepPacks™, practice with the materials included in them, and become a valuable part of the company of your choice.   

What Is Included In the Caliper PrepPack™?

  • "Single Trait Practice" – customized to your needs
  • 219 item Caliper-style personality test
  • Three number series tests (47 items)
  • Two figural analogies tests (40 items)
  • Two matrices test (70 items)
  • Two figural series tests (38 items)
  • Improve your chances to pass the personality test
  • Analysis of 50 traits that employers look for
  • Reveals what employers are looking for in candidates
  • Personalized feedback customized to your job level
  • Know what to expect on test day
  • Bonus: The complete guide to personality tests Secured payment


JobTestPrep is not a part of the Caliper and not related to it in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.


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