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Prepare for BB&T's Tests

Prior to being considered for a position or program at BB&T, you will need to go through each stage of their recruitment process. The steps in the BB&T employment process include:

  • Online Application: To begin the application process for either a spot in the Early Career Program, Leadership Development Program, or for an experienced role in BB&T you will need to do so online. Make your selection from the BB&T jobs webpage, create an account, and upload your resume.
  • Online Assessment Test: If your application is matched for the position or program you have applied to, you will be contacted by a representative from BB&T to complete an online skills assessment.
  • Phone Interview: Once you have taken and passed your pre-hire assessment test or tests, a representative from the company will contact you for a phone interview. Phone interviews often cover your knowledge of the company and the position you have applied to, your resume, and your availability.
  • On-Site Interviews: After successfully passing your initial phone screening, you will be invited for one or more sit-down interviews. These interviews will be conducted by various members of management and will either be held one-on-one or in a panel format.

BB&T’s Aptitude Tests

The main tests you will likely face during the BB&T assessment process are the Caliper Profile Test and the Kenexa Prove It assessments.

The Caliper Test is used to measure how your traits relate to job performance. It is not a traditional pass or fail test. The Caliper Profile is used to evaluate your natural strengths, motivators, and potential to succeed in the role or program you have chosen.

Our Kenexa Prove It bundle includes tests for accounting, data entry, Excel, typing, etc. and was designed to simulate the same difficulty level of the Kenexa tests to help to improve your exam scores.

Prior preparation for your pre-employment assessment tests is your greatest precursor to success throughout the BB&T recruitment process. Face your psychometric and skills assessments with JobTestPrep to land the job you want!

BB&T’s Interview Questions

Your BB&T interview will likely include mostly behavioral questions. Here are just some examples of the questions you may be asked during your BB&T interviews:

  • Why would you like to work here?
  • How would you handle an upset customer?
  • What would you do if a client asks you a question that you did not have the answer to?

 It is recommended that you answer behavioral-type questions using the STAR method as this will ensure that your responses are both organized and engaging for your interviewer.





AmCo Holding Company

First Citizens Bancorp Statutory Trust

BB&T Asset Management LLC

Grandbridge Real Estate Capital

BB&T Assurance Co LTD

Liberty Properties Inc

BB&T Bankcard Corp

Lighthouse Associates Inc.

BB&T Capital Partners Fund of Funds I, LLC

Main Street Banks Statutory Trust I

BB&T Capital Trust

MainStreet Capital Trust I

BB&T Charitable Foundation

Mason Dixon Capital Trust

BB&T Corporation Pension Plan Trust

MidAmerica Gift Certificate Co

BB&T Financial FSB

National Penn Bancshares, Inc.

BB&T Overseas Leasing, Ltd

National Penn Bancshares, Inc.

BB&T Payroll Services Corp

Regional Acceptance Corp

BB&T Securities, LLC

Scott & Stringfellow LLC

Branch Banking & Trust Co.

SHDR Investment Advisors, Inc

Clearview Correspondent Services 

Sheffield Financial, LLC

CMTY Capital Statutory Trust III

Sterling Capital Management LLC

Coastal Financial Capital Trust I

Surety Land Title

Coastal Planners Holding Corporation

Susquehanna Capital IV

Creative Payment Solutions Inc

Wilson Fiduciary Management Corporation

FCNB Capital Trust



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