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What's Included

  • 2 full-length Pearson-style Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test practice tests
  • 21 additional mechanical aptitude drills
  • Our Mechanical Concepts Study Guide: gears, levers, pulleys & more
  • Electrical concepts: circuits, sequences, and signal flow
  • Explanations, solving tips, and a score report for all questions
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  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


Automotive Machinists work to repair, maintain, build, and rebuild various types of internal combustion engines in vehicles. From shaping and creating metal parts to analyzing complex problems, Automotive Machinists are responsible for each step of the process. This field of apprenticeship can be very interesting for candidates interested in working with vehicles and engines while also solving intricate problems. Joining an Automotive Machinist apprenticeship will be the first step, but it may require first passing a pre-apprenticeship test.

Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship Test

It is imperative to prepare for the Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship Test, since passing it is necessary to become an Automotive Machinist Apprentice. While the format may vary from company to company, most companies use the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT).

Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship Test Preparation

Passing the Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship Test is an important step necessary for launching your career as an apprentice. JobTestPrep's Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship Practice Pack includes plenty of practice and aptitude tests, score analysis, and thorough study guides. Our resources are guaranteed to help you become fully prepared and sure to pass your upcoming exam.

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