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What Stages Does the Recruitment Process at ASML Include?

The recruitment process at ASML holdings is not complicated. It consists of the following stages:

The Phone Interview

After you have submitted your documents online, you will be contacted by a Human Resources representative. Be prepared to talk about your education and working experience. You may also need to talk about the projects in which you were engaged in your previous workplace or in college, if you have just graduated from it. Note, however, that the lion’s share of the questions posed during your phone interview will be technical. Brush up on systems and OS questions, because you will get many of them during your phone interview. Examples of the technical questions that the Human Resources manager may ask you are as follows:

  • How do we allocate memory?
  • How do we free memory?
  • What is circular buffer?
  • How are semaphores and mutex different?

The phone interview with recruiters at ASML may take from 30 to 60 minutes. It is important, therefore, to schedule the phone interview on a day, when you have time for such a long conversation.

The Test

On condition that you pass your phone interview with success, you will be invited to take a test. What kind of psychometric test you are allocated will depend exclusively on the position doe which you compete with other job candidates. JobTestPrep has developed a comprehensive PrepPack™ and, by putting in it the simulations of different tests, have got you covered, no matter what test you need to take.

Our materials include the Mechanical Aptitude Test designed to improve your knowledge of mechanical concepts and principles of mechanical operations. Our exact simulation of the Numerical Reasoning Test will improve the accuracy and speed of your calculations and your analysis of data presented in charts, diagrams, and statistical tables. The Abstract Reasoning Test is designed to measure your lateral thinking skills. In other words, by using this test, employers seek to ascertain how quickly you can identify patterns, logical rules, and new data and then to use your findings to solve problems.

To help you also on your phone and in-person interview, we have included in our PrepPack™ interview materials containing answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on how to sound knowledgeable and impressive in your conversation with recruiters. Go over through several dry runs of our tests, familiarize yourself with their format and questions, and let no test become an obstacle to your successful employment.

The Face-to-Face Interview

At ASML Holdings, the in-person interview usually takes the form of a panel. You may talk to as many as seven or eight managers during your interview. They will tell you about ASML and the machines it is making or will make in the future. You may have a tour around the company and be introduced to your prospective co-workers. Expect also to answer difficult technical questions. Several examples of the technical question that you can get on your interview are these:

  • How would you organize clan of random polygons and circles?
  • What is the second law of thermodynamics?
  • What is Depth of focus?

Other interview questions posed by ASML recruiters are presented below in the next section.

In addition to refreshing your memory about technical concepts and formulas, get ready to answer questions about your résumé. Your recruiters will want to know more details about your education, previous work experience, and career ambitions. If you are asked situational questions, it is better to answer them according to the STAR method. The STAR format allows you to give more informative and comprehensive answers about a difficult situation that you faced in your previous workplace and to which you found a satisfactory solution.   

Because you will need to talk to so many people and answer different types of questions, succeeding at your in-person interview is not easy. Increase your chances of impressing ASML recruiters by preparing to your interview with JobTestPrep’s exclusive interview materials. Tips contained in them will help you sound professional and pleasant in your conversation with the interviewers.

Questions Posed at the Face-to-Face Interview at ASML


The questions listed below were posed to real job applicants during interviews at the company:

  • What are you looking for in a new job?  
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Are you a generalist or a specialist?
  • If you have a disagreement with someone, how would you handle it?  
  • What is data science from your point of view?
  • How do you approach a data analysis debug problem? Give specific examples.
  • How big is the data set to be considered large data set?
  • Explain a DOE that you designed and ran.
  • What lithography development project youworked on?
  • How helpful is off axis printing?
  • How helpful are grating features in litho printing?
  • How to do you ensure that vulnerable features are printed properly?  
  • How to write AD controller?  
  • Have you ever worked on a 750V power supply?  
  • How well do you know TIA (photo diode amplifiers)?  

Study these questions attentively and formulate clear, smart answers to them. Knowing answers in advance will make you sound tech-savvy and self-assured during your upcoming interview and will bring you closer to the realization of your ambition to work at ASML Holdings.


 JobTestPrep invests time and energy into developing practice materials that help job candidates get hired. Practice with our resources and become a part of the ASML vibrant and knowledgeable team.

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