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Ready Yourself for the Ascension Health Recruitment Process

Ascension Health is located in 23 U.S. regions. They are a non-profit healthcare organization devoted to innovating the healthcare system and offering personalized care to all in need. Candidates who are interested in applying for a full-time position will be pleased by the passionate and caring work environment.

The Ascension Health hiring process is outlined below:

Online Application: Applicants can search for vacant Ascension Health jobs online and submit an application form with their resume. They may also apply with an employee referral or a campus recruiter.

Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter may call applicants in order to conduct a phone screening interview, become more acquainted, and talk about their career of interest.

In-Person Interview: For the next stage, candidates will be invited for an in-person interview which may take place over several sessions. Interviews can be one-on-one or in a panel setting with other interviewers.

Tests: Taking psychometric pre-employment tests may be a requirement for candidates to pass the evaluation process.

Ascension Health Aptitude Test Process

Entrance exams give companies the ability to find out which candidates own the vital skills and reasoning abilities wanted for the job position. Aptitude exams, such as the mathematical, logical, abstract, and verbal reasoning tests, allow employers test one’s compatibility for the vacancy in question. An Excel test may also be administered and requires sufficient preparation beforehand so that applicants can enhance their technical capabilities.

Measuring mathematical reasoning gives insight into one’s arithmetical skills and date analyzing strategies. The verbal reasoning test assesses an individual’s comprehension of written information. Other assessments, such as the personality and situational judgement tests (SJT), provide candidates with the tools they need to build positive personality profiles and enhance sought-after behavioral patterns and traits.

Start Preparing for the Ascension Health Tests and Interview Process.

Ascension Health Interview Questions

By practicing for possible Ascension Health interview questions early, you are guaranteed to improve your performance and boost your confidence significantly. There are a variety of interview styles which may be conducted and depend mainly on the position you apply for. One type of interview you may face is competency-based. This method focuses on previous successful or unsuccessful work situations and assumes that they give an awareness of how capable you are for the position. You will be expected to answer questions based on your past and this is used to assess how you will respond to future scenarios. Another interview technique is a technical-based interview, which asks questions related specifically to the tasks involved in the vacant career. In this case, it is recommended that you brush up on your knowledge and skills of the job’s requirements beforehand.

Examples of Ascension Health interview questions are as follows:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Can you describe a situation when you went above the call of duty in order to serve an irate patient?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • What was the time that you made a mistake?
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