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The Anixter Recruitment Process Preparation

Founded in 1957, Anixter International is a worldwide distributor of Electrical & Electronic Solutions, Network & Security Solutions, and Utility Power Solutions. They provide customers with vital infrastructures and building and protection assets. Anixter offers full-line solutions to implement reliable and professional systems which sustain individuals’ lives and businesses. They seek to hire creative and innovative candidates to help power, protect, and build their valued resources.

The Anixter hiring process is listed below:

Application: The Anixter application process can be performed online by submitting the form along with a resume. Other methods that candidates can use to apply can be with an employee referral or campus recruiter.

Telephone Interview: Once applicants’ application is reviewed and they pass on to the next stage, they may receive a call from an HR recruiter. They may be asked screening interview questions and have an in-person interview scheduled.

In-Person Interview: The following stage invites candidates to partake in one or more onsite interviews. These interviews can be conducted by a panel of interviewers or one employer. Depending on the position, interviews may include several stages one-on-one or in a group setting.

Test: Candidates may take psychometric entrance exams, such as the PLI tests, to showcase their skills and capabilities. Various aptitude tests may be conducted so that employers can get a sense of applicants’ suitability for the career.

Anixter’s PLI Test Process

Companies may administer a variety of aptitude tests give employers more insightful information about each applicant, allowing them to find the right candidates for the available jobs. The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) assessment evaluates one’s cognitive abilities which are required in the workplace. The PLI test includes mathematical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning assessments. These tests each evaluate different skills which are required for the position.

Additionally, the Predictive Index (PI) consists of a Behavioral Assessment which assesses one’s personality and core qualities. Employers rate applicants’ scores regarding their personality traits, such as extroversion, formality, patience, and dominance. When determining the potential behaviour and capabilities of an applicant, companies often use these exams as a predictor of one’s future performance.

Start Practicing for the Anixter PLI Process with JobTestPrep.

Anixter Interview Questions

Going through the Anixter interview process requires practice. When you are preparing for your upcoming interview sessions, be sure to research more about the position you are interested in and the company itself. Interviewers seek to hire the most motivated, professional, and skilled applicants.

Possible Anixter interview questions are below:

  • Why would you be a valuable asset to Anixter?
  • Tell us about a time when you dealt with conflict at work.
  • What do you think is the most challenging aspect of your current position and how do you handle it?
  • Tell us about a time when you had an expectation that you did not meet.
Anixter Subsidiaries
Accu-Tech Corporation Infast Group Ltd Itel Rail Holdings Corporation Communication Cables, LLC
Green Bay and Western Railroad Tri-Ed ULC WireXpress Ltd Signal Capital Corporation


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