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About Andeavor

Founded in 1968, Tesoro has since transitioned to Andeavor and has become a leader in the oil, gas exploration, and production industry. They have over 13,000 employees and are a premier marketing, logistics and refining company. Andeavor runs 10 refineries, including a collective capacity of about 1.2 million barrels per day. They have a large network and a marketing system consisting of around 3,000 retail stations promoted by numerous fuel brands.

Start Your Andeavor Recruitment Process

Find out how you can practice for the Andeavor hiring process:

  • Online Application: Candidates may give in an online application form along with their resume. They can also begin the application process through an employee referral or recruiter.
  • Telephone Interview: Applicants may receive a phone call from an HR recruiter to start the screening interview by discussing their background and previous experience.
  • In-Person Interview: The interview stage may be consistent of more than one interview. Candidates may have one-on-one or group interviews. Sessions may be conducted by one employer or a panel of interviewers.
  • Tests: Candidates may be required to take pre-employment exams to assess their cognitive capabilities and behavioral traits more efficiently.

Andeavor Test Stage

Candidates may be expected to take entrance exams online as part of the psychometric testing process. These include aptitude tests which measure candidates’ capabilities in relation to the position they are interested in applying for. Qualities such as logical reasoning, verbal comprehension, and mathematical understanding are evaluated.

Personality assessments may be given to evaluate candidates’ suitability for the jobs by evaluating their behavior, strengths, and character traits.

Begin Practicing for Your Andeavor Test Stage Today.

Andeavor Interview Questions

Interview questions may be behavioral as well as technical. To create a suitable personality profile, it is recommended that you arrive to the interview fully prepared.

  • Tell us about one of the biggest challenges you had to face with your past employer.
  • Tell me about a time you implemented a change in a leadership role?
  • Why do you want to work for Andeavor?
  • What did you like or enjoy about your previous work/project experience?
Andeavor Subsidiaires
Western Refining ARCO Dansk Invesment Group, Inc. Tesoro Alaska Company
Kauai Petroleum Co., Ltd. Treasure Card Company LLC RidgeWood Association Interior Fuels Company

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