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Prepare for Ameriprise with JobTestPrep

Prepping for your Ameriprise recruitment process may have once been a daunting task, but with JobTestPrep things just got a whole lot easier. Our custom-made packages are comprised of the most comprehensive preparation guides to help you succeed.


The Right Prep Materials is Your Path to Passing Ameriprise Assessment tests

Vying for a position with Ameriprise but feeling intimidated by the process? Ease your mind by preparing with JobTestPrep’s exclusive job preparation materials – Pass your Ameriprise assessments and interview with ease!


Ameriprise Interview Preparation

There are many types of interviews you should expect and prepare for with Ameriprise. The Ameriprise recruitment process will generally begin with a phone interview. The phone interview is likely to be conducted by a representative from the Human Resources department and will include questions regarding your availability, previous work experience, and salary expectations.

If you have passed the initial phone interview, be prepared to be contacted for additional interviews. The final round of Ameriprise interviews will likely be held face-to-face in either a one-on-one setting, in a group, or panel.

Why Do Employers Use the Aptitude Test?

Aptitude Tests have long become a more efficient way to estimate potential employees. Testing applicants is better than interviewing them, because their cognitive abilities are measured more exactly on the test than in personal conversations with recruiters. The Aptitude Test is a more rigorous way to weed out undesirable candidates, also because, unlike interviews, it is divided into several tests, each of which concentrates on a specific set of human cognitive abilities. Thus, the Numerical Reasoning Test evaluates how well job candidates calculate; the Verbal Reasoning Test tries to find out how well they absorb and analyze written information. The SJT studies candidates’ reactions to specific situations likely to occur in their working places. Another reason why the Aptitude Test is better than the interview stems from its scoring method. Applicants’ scores on the test are not calculated according to the number of the right answers they get. Their scores are counted by comparing them to the scores of other candidates. This method allows employers to hire the best candidates applying for a position.

Explain the SJT?

The test have grown in popularity in recent years due to its ability to offer realistic work place scenarios affording test-takers the chance to show off their behavioural and cognitive skills. The company must have a solid psychological assessment on which to base their decision to hire you or not

What to Expect on a Phone Interview?

A phone interview is usually the first stage in a company’s hiring process. After your résumé and cover letter have been screened, you will get a phone from the company’s Human Resources manager who will talk to you about your educational background and work experience. Expect to answer questions about the information you put on your résumé. The Human Resources manager may also tell you about the company, its structure, and benefits you will get, if you are hired.

Why Is It Difficult to Succeed on the Test?

Competition between job candidates has lately become truly fierce. Only few job candidates arrive to the last stage of the hiring process. The majority of them get eliminated after their pre-employment tests. Do not, therefore, show up on your examination unprepared. Doing poorly on your test may cost you employment in your desired company. Prepare for your upcoming test with JobTestPrep’s exclusive resources. With them, you can stay tall on your exam and become an employee of the company.


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