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JobTestPrep American Express Packs

Our Amex PrepPacks™ are designed to give you the advantage to outshine the other American Express candidates. You are well on your way to success with our in-depth practice tests and study guides. Start practicing today!


American Express Mathematical Reasoning Tests

Mathematical reasoning tests are used by financial companies to gain an understanding of your numerical abilities. The topics can range from simple mathematics to more in-depth calculations and critical reasoning.

American Express Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests are used by companies to assess how well a candidate can analyze, comprehend, and draw appropriate conclusions based on written information. These tests may be given to a candidate in a variety of positions and seniority.

American Express Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests (SJT's) give hypothetical scenarios which represent realistic situations that could occur in a workplace. You will be asked to choose a preferred method of action out of a number of possible options. You can choose your responses spontaneously, based on intuition; however, you will increase your chances for success by analyzing the scenarios and choosing the responses that highlight your skills the best. 

American Express Personality Test

The purpose of this test is to assess the match between your personality profile and the required job profile in order to filter out the candidates whose personality profiles are incompatible with the job position. While the job interview examines overt behavior, the personality test aims to reach deeper and expose those areas you might not be aware of, thereby providing recruiters with a more comprehensive profile of your personality. In many cases, employers use personality questions in the face-to-face interview or your personality test results. 


Increase your Probability Of Success in the American Express Tests

Get the job you want using JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPacks™. Make sure you are fully prepared for the entire Amex recruitment process using our specialized practice tests, study guides, and more. 


Amex Hiring Process Tips

Our experts recommend to implement the tips below to maximize your chances of getting accepted for American Express positions:

  • In some of the positions, for example, customer care representative, you may attend group interview tasks and activities. In such case make a list ahead of the desired behaviors you believe the position requires and try to present them in the group tasks and activities. 
  • American Express previous candidates mention the interviews were straightforward. Thus, prepare in advance with our interview guide on possible questions and answers. Think of your answer in real time and adjust your prepared answered, so they will be to clear and to the point.

Why Does American Express Use Pre-Hire Aptitude Tests?

Most companies administer some sort of pre-employment aptitude tests, and American Express is no exception. These tests were designed in order to give your interviewers insight into a number of workplace competencies. These tests are often scored by taking your raw score and comparing it to that of other the candidates, then comparing all scores to the benchmark score. If your profile happens to be a match with the company’s standards, you may end up being offered the job.

What is an SJT?

SJTs have become a popular tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive abilities of candidates when introduced to daily work-related situations. The tests present you with a hypothetical situation in which you most likely encounter in your daily work life and ask you to chose the best reaction as you see it. 

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me to Prepare for My American Express Mathematical Reasoning Tests?

We all know from childhood that practice make perfect when it comes to mathematics. This case is no different. Don't worry! Our practice packs include answers and explanations to make sure you are fully prepared for test day. Seeing the questions in the right format can make all difference in your test performance. If you search online you can easily find Mathematical reasoning questions, but getting the full answers to check your work in order to improve is hard to find. Start practicing today with our high-quality materials. 


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