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Getting Hired at Ameren

The interview process starts the moment you are contacted, whether you’re faced with a “proper” phone interview, a brief sweep over the job details and confirmation you’re interested, or even just an Ameren representative scheduling you for an interview. In any case, make sure you’re cordial, elaborative when necessary, and any inquiries you have are made politely.

Interview – Don’t Get Caught Surprised!

  • Phone Screening: The interview process will begin with a standard phone screening to asses to review your skill -sets, work history and give an overview of job expectations. Don’t be surprised if they ask you about your salary expectations.
  • 3-person interview: In the next stage you will be called in for a three-person interview, this is like a mini panel. It will likely involve a member of HR, the hiring manager and a member of your future team. You will get a lot of behavioral and situational questions and will be expected to answer using the STAR method.
  • Company Tour: We now come to the company tour. It is important to remember that this is an integral part of the interview albeit informal. This is your time to ask solid questions about the office and your day to day responsibilities.
  • Testing: At this last stage you will be invited to take various tests like the EEI cast, tech and mass.


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Getting You Ready for the Hire Test

Now that you have an idea of what to expect in the interview segments, time to talk about the testing.

EEI Testing


  • Graphic Arithmetic: Solving arithmetic problems by using prints or drawings show ingenuity. Questions will come in the form of two drawings followed by eight follow up questions on each one.
  • Mechanical Concepts: Mechanical principles are the name of the game in this section of the test. You will be presented with 44 multiple choice questions on a mechanical situation, which will be illustrated with via a drawing. The time will be ticking quickly with only 20 minutes on the clock.
  • Reading for Comprehension: Can you read and comprehend written materials? With this segment, the interviewing manager will soon find out. You will be tasked with four passages and several follow-ups, questions. The test includes 32 multiple choice questions and must be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Mathematical Usage: If you can answer basic mathematical problems with minimal information you should be fine on this test. You will have 7 minutes to answer 18 multiple choice questions.



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