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Using your intuition and accumulated knowledge, unfortunately, isn’t enough today on ACT Commodities' tests, who may require sharp skills you haven’t put to use in a while. With that being said, a concentrated effort can go a long way and will build your confidence towards ACT Commodities assessments regardless. Time is of the essence – begin working on getting that job now!


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Logical Reasoning Test

ACT Commodities will use this test to measure your ability to attend to detail, evaluate information, and make judgements or decisions. These tests are usually described as non verbal reasoning tests, since they do not present you with verbal or numerical information but instead with shape sequences and the logical patterns that they represent. Our logical reasoning PrepPack™ includes practice tests for the various types of logical reasoning assessments (whether non-verbal or verbal) and covers the most common topics you would find on the actual tests.

Sales Assessment Test

Being that your job with ACT will necessitate dealing with clientele on a day to day basis the company administers the Sales Assessment Test. The sales aptitude test analyzes three main dimensions - sales skills, personal skills and job skills. It is focused on behavior, attitudes, values and the skills that carry a sales rep into the realm of success. JobTestPrep thoroughly prepares you for each segment of the test.

Situational Judgement Tests

The team at ACT want to ensure that have the ability to navigate the best possible actions in the office to ensure a smooth operation. This is especially for those vying for a managerial position. The test will look for your basic common sense, knowledge of procedures and of course the personality skills that can make or break any situation. Make sure that you are comfortable with the test format by reviewing with JobTestPrep.

ACT Interview Questions to Contemplate

The company will understand your technical skill during the testing stage, so the interview is behavioral based. Here are some questions to consider.

  • Are you motivated by Money?
  • How do you respond to failure?
  • Define the perfect sales person.
  • Why are you the right candidate?



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