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What's Included

  • More than 850 questions to practice
  • 19 Reading Comprehension tests
  • 9 Writing and Grammar tests
  • 20 Numerical Reasoning tests assessing basic arithmetic, algebra, and word problems 
  • 7 Study Guides focusing on different mathematical aspects and grammar
  • Detailed score reports
  • In-depth explanations
  • Secured payment 


The ASSET test was developed by American College Testing (ACT), the same company that produces the ACT college entrance exam.

The ASSET exam was built as an associate's degree placement exam to determine the courses that are most appropriate for each incoming student. In the academic context, there is no pass threshold. However, this test is the determining factor as to whether you will begin your college education by taking remedial classes or with immediate placement into full-credit, college-level courses.

The use of the ASSET test has expanded to include testing to determine entrance into the apprenticeship of various trades, such as pipefitters, plumbers, and more. Pass thresholds for applicants have been established at 35 for Writing Skills, 38 for Reading Skills, and 42 for Numerical Skills. If your goal is to land an apprenticeship as a gateway to a lucrative career, then it is to your benefit to take the time and make the effort to thoroughly prepare for the ASSET Exam.

Format of the ASSET Exam

You can expect a multiple choice exam with a timeframe of 75 minutes for the Basic Test and an additional 100 minutes for the Advanced Mathematical Skills Test. The questions are clear and easily understood. The ASSET test is formatted as a paper & pencil test.

There is no penalty for wrong answers, so it is best to answer every question; guess if necessary. Keep in mind that the ASSET test was designed to be a basic test that includes high school material. You can review the subjects covered on the exam by working on the ACT ASSET practice tests. These practice tests feature full question and answer explanations.

ASSET Content

ASSET consists of two tests, one or both of which may be administered:

  • Basic Test – There are 92 questions on the three-section Basic Test: Writing Skills is compromised of 36 items, Numeric Skills is compromised of 32 items, and Reading Skills is compromised of 24 items. Each section is time-limited to 25 minutes.
  • Writing Skills Section – Expect to be tested on grammar, punctuation, spelling, English usage, capitalization, sentence structure, and writing style. Each question contains four response alternatives. Your task is to select the word or phrase that corrects the underlined portion of a sentence.
  • Reading Skills Section – A moderately-long passage is presented. The questions that follow each passage concern the main idea, recall of specific information, summary of passage content, comprehension of the written material, inferences, and author’s purpose. All answers should be based solely on the information contained in the passage.
  • Numerical Skills Section – The four basic math operations are used to calculate a wide range of mathematical topics. You will find many high school math elements such as word problems, percentages, ratios, averages, estimates, rounding, decimals, fractions, prime numbers, scientific notation, absolute values, square roots and pre-algebra functions.
  • Advanced Mathematical Skills Test – This exam is comprised of 100 questions spread evenly over four sections: Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, and Geometry. The timeframe for each section is 25 minutes.
  • Elementary Algebra Section – This section consists of algebraic expressions, linear and quadratic equations, and polynomials.
  • Intermediate Algebra Section – The main topics covered in the Intermediate Algebra Section include graphing, factoring, calculating slope and distance, and solving linear inequalities.
  • College Algebra Section – If you hope to place out of first-year college algebra, your test preparation should include operations with complex numbers, factorials, exponential functions, volume, probability, and polynomial graphs.
  • Geometry Section – Basic high school geometry is the source of the items questions contained in found on this section of the ASSET test. This section involves the area, perimeter, circumference, angles, sides, and parallel lines of various geometric figures, such as rectangles, circles, triangles, and squares. You can also expect coordinates to be the subject of some of the test items.

JobTestPrep is currently working on developing the Asset Advanced Mathematical Skills Test, but until then you are welcome to practice with our ACT Asset Practice Pack.

ACT ASSET Exam Preparation

Several study tools can be used to optimize your ASSET exam results so as to avoid remedial classes if you are a student, and place you closer to an actual apprenticeship if you are a trades applicant. The ACT ASSET Exam Practice Pack contains practice tests, study guides, detailed explanations, and score analysis, all of which will help you hone your skills and familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will face on the real test. The aim of JobTestPrep is the same as your goal: to successfully pass the ASSET exam.

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