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What's Included

  • Five CCAT practice tests
  • Personality practice test
  • Study guides
  • CCAT solving tips and time management guide
  • Normalized scores for both entry-level and management-level
  • Fully detailed explanations, teaching the simplest & quickest methods
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JobTestPrep aims to help you succeed in landing a job at Access Group. To do so, we have developed a personality test and several tests closely modeled after the official Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT), which you can take as many times as you need. Our answer keys and study guides enable you to track your progress and pinpoint areas that you need improving so that way you know where to focus your efforts to improve your results. Practiced with JobTestPrep, improve your scores, and reach the top of the Access Group candidate list.  

Access Group Hiring Process

An application process at the Access Group has several rounds.

  • First Phone Interview - After you apply online and submit your résumé to the Human Resources, you will receive a phone call from the company’s recruiter. In this telephone conversation, you will talk about your previous working experience and expectations for your new role. The recruiter will also tell you about the Access Group, its goals, and a general structure of its business.
  • The CCAT & personality assessment - After your talk with the Access Group representative, you will need to complete the CCAT and personality assessment. These tests measure your cognitive aptitude and your ability to interact with your co-workers in various work scenarios. Excelling on these tests is necessary, as you will be invited for further interviews, based on your test results.
  • Second Phone Interview - If you do well on your CCAT and personality tests, you will have another phone interview. This time you will speak with your prospective department manager. Your conversation will be centered around your education, your previous working experience, and your future contribution to the Access Group. This interview may take half an hour.
  • Face-to-Face Interview - The final stage is a face-to-face interview with the Access Group managers and board members in one of the company’s offices. In this interview, you will be asked about your working experience relevant to the position for which you applied. You may also need to answer technical questions, and locate and correct errors in computer programs if you compete for positions in software developing. The Access Group managers will also tell you about their business strategies and goals.

After you successfully pass all rounds of the hiring process at the Access Group, you may start negotiating your salary and accept a job offer.

What Is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)?

Access Group narrows down its applicant pool by inviting applicants to take the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. Popular among employers, the CCAT is a reliable measure of applicants’ cognitive aptitude and various factors contributing to performance at work. These factors include the following cognitive abilities: processing and applying information, learning new skills, thinking critically, and solving problems. To measure them with the utmost precision, these cognitive abilities are classified in the CCAT in three broad categories: math and logic, verbal skills, and spatial reasoning.

A division of questions between these three sections is uneven, but altogether the test contains 50 items. You are required to answer these 50 questions within 15 minutes, thereby having only around 30 seconds to spend on each question. Time on the CCAT is strictly limited, and you will not be given an extension. A short time limit is the biggest challenge on the CCAT, which you can meet only by practicing for your pre-employment assessment in advance.

Your CCAT scores may be given to you in different formats. You receive either a raw score, which calculates only your correct answers or a percentile score, which counts your final mark relative to the performance of other applicants. If your percentile score is 88, this does not mean that you correctly answered 88% of the questions correctly, but that you scored better than 88% of the applicant group.

As your test results are measured against the results of others, it is important to be better and more prepared than your competitors, if you want to move to the next stage in your pre-employment process. Practice with our Access PrepPack™, score higher in the CCAT and leave other job candidates behind.   

The Access Group Personality Assessment

The Access Group wants to evaluate not only your cognitive abilities, but also your general aptitude for the applied position. To do so, it asks applicants to pass the Personality Test, which is designed to predict whether you can integrate successfully into the company. The test also evaluates how likely you are to act in various working situations. Creating a healthy and productive working environment is important for Access Group. Therefore, it tries to gauge the characters of its would-be employers before hiring them.  

Questions posed on the Personality Test are usually of two types. You are asked either to imagine how people would react to certain circumstances or rank your own attitudes to some statements on the scale from 1 to 5. The major requirement of the Personality Assessment is to give truthful, unplanned responses. Although your answers should be impromptu, you still need to prepare for the Access Group Personality Assessment. We will teach you how to emphasize your positive qualities and avoid incriminating yourself accidentally.

JobTestPrep has developed an exclusive Personality Test that will help you learn how to highlight your good traits to be deemed trustworthy by your future managers. Prepare for your Access Personality Assessment with our tutoring materials and prove to the Access Group employers that you will make a valuable addition to their company.

Access Group Interviews

You will have several interviews during your pre-employment process at the Access Group. Your first phone interview with a recruiter will be followed by another phone or video interview with a manager of the department that has the job vacancy for which you applied. In both interviews, you will be asked mostly competency-based questions. You will also talk about your educational and professional background and will elaborate on your possible contribution to the company.

If you successfully pass your CCAT and Personality Test and impress your interviewers on the phone, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview. This time, you will meet with chief officers and different board members. Your conversation will revolve around your experience relevant to your applied position. If you compete for such positions as Software Developer, Mobile Developer, or QA Test Analyst, you may also need to answer technical questions or write a debugging exercise. Some of the questions asked in interviews at the Access Group are as follows:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?  
  • Why do you want to work for the Access Group?  
  • How does your prior experience relate to your desired role?
  • What is your greatest achievement in your work life?  
  • Explain your job role and daily activities in your previous company.  
  • Explain how you would deal with conflicting resource requirements, with scarce resources, and conflicting deadlines.  
  • Name a time where you had to adapt to a situation and how this experience changed you. 
  • What is the difference between SAP ABAP and SAP Basis?

Solving these interview questions, and questions similar to them will help you sound confident and professional during the interview. It is also advisable to read about the Access Group and its business objectives beforehand to make a favorable impression on your interviewers.

About The Access Group

The Access Group is a company that specializes the n strategic care communications network and is composed of five companies – Bio-Eclipse, FronTier Managed Markets, Catalyst, MedAccess, and Promidian. The company specializes in such areas as Health Care Communication, Management Consulting, and Strategic Selling Solutions, among others. It offers various marketing services from branding, to market insights, to advertising and selling solutions, and to professional education. Headquartered in Berkley Heights, New Jersey, the Access Group also has offices in Chicago and San Diego. It has employed about 200 employees and continues hiring specialists in strategic consulting, medical education, marketing communications, managed markets, training, and brand promotion. The company’s revenue is estimated to be $25 million and its employers’ salaries range from $70,000 to $126,000, depending on their position.

Preparing for the CCAT and personality test is an indispensable step towards your progress in the application process. Practice with our Access PrepPack™ and make your plans to work at the Access Group a reality.

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