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What's Included

  • Interview preparation
  • 13 case study tests and guides



About Our Preparation Service

The JobTestPrep Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation pack includes over 90 tests and exercises, with a total of 1800 test questions that will you prepare for the four stages of the hiring process for Accenture Senior Manager, Accenture Management Consultant and Accenture Manager Consulting Analyst positions.

Interview preparation guides, video tutorials, and case study tests help prepare you for the Accenture Consulting Analyst and Manager interviews, including the pre-screening phone interview, and proceeding technical, behavioral and case study interviews.

Accenture Management Positions Interview Questions

  • How do you envision the daily life of an Accenture Manager or Consultant?
  • What skills do you think are necessary to adapt to an Accenture management or consulting/analyst role?
  • Why are you interested in a management/consulting position at Accenture?
  • What kind of work experience do you have that’s applicable to your success as an Accenture Consulting Analyst or Manager?
  • How would you manage a difficult client and what would you do maintain a professional working relationship?
  • How did you resolve difficult situations with co-workers in the past?
  • What are your career plans for the coming years?
  • How would you deal with a client’s objection to the methods and work of other managers or consultants at Accenture?

Accenture Consultant Analyst and Management Positions Interviews

The Accenture Management and Consulting Analyst recruitment process includes four stages of interviews. The first is a phone interview to prescreen candidates for the technical, behavioral, and case study interviews that follow. Each interview is designed to evaluate your ability to integrate as a leader in the Accenture work environment.

Technical interviews can include questions regarding the relevant technical skills required for management and consulting positions. While behavioral interviews will assess interpersonal skills, work ethic, and teamwork abilities. Case study interviews require you to map steps and processes you would apply to resolve challenging scenarios an Accenture Manager, Accenture Management Consultant or Accenture Management Consulting Analyst may encounter.

Accenture Consulting Analyst and Management Job Descriptions

Accenture Management Consultants and Analyst positions both require continuous analysis tasks, while consulting roles incorporate design-related responsibilities and projects like creating PowerPoint presentations for client projects.

Accenture Management roles include project management responsibilities and delegation of analysis duties to Accenture Consulting Analysts and management consultants. Accenture Managers often review the PowerPoint presentations created by consultants and analysts, while also meeting with clients, and performing Accenture team member performance reviews.

An Accenture Senior Manager role focuses on the sale and proposal of projects to clients requiring strategically formulated solutions to client challenges.

All consulting analyst and management roles require sharp analytical, interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to multitask projects with efficient time management.  

How Can I Prepare for the Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Recruitment Process?

A: JobTestPrep’s Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation pack offers a blend of interview preparation materials, including video tutorials, guides, and case study tests to help you prepare for the phone, behavioral, technical, and case study interviews.

How Can I Prepare for the Accenture Case Study Interview?

A: The Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation pack includes 13 case study tests and guides to help prepare you for the case study interview.

How Can I Prepare for Accenture Management Behavioral & Skills Interviews?

A: JobTestPrep includes over 50 pages of interview tips and guides and video tutorials that will help you prepare for behavioral and skill tests.


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