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What's Included

  • 12 figural Reasoning tests
  • 5 math drills
  • 4 inductive reasoning drills
  • A full personality test
  • 13 case study tests and guides
  • 3 personality guides
  • 5 PI-LI tests
  • PI-LI study guide
  • 8 spatial reasoning tests
  • Interview preparation
  • 4 back-to-basics study guides
  • 1 recognition of assumptions study guide
  • 2 antonyms tests
  • 2 averages video tutorials



JobTestPrep’s Accenture Consultant Preparation Pack is designed to help you complete the recruitment process for the Accenture DayNine Consultant position with a comprehensive set of interview and test preparation materials.

The Accenture Consultant Preparation Pack includes approximately 40 tests with 1200 questions and a full, detailed personality test. Also included are a mix of assessment practice tests evaluating verbal, mathematical, logic, reasoning, spatial, clerical and figural abilities, along with interview guides, video tutorials, preparation tips and 13 case study tests to help you prepare for the various stages of the hiring process.

Accenture DayNine Consultant Interview Questions

  • Can you tell me about a situation in which you had a difficult time with a team member?
  • What motivates you and brings you to Accenture?
  • Describe a time when you had to make a challenging situation that may have proceeded with repercussions and how did you deal with it.
  • What are 5 leading industries that Accenture provides consulting services to?
  • Can you please outline the steps you would take to merge to on-site IT systems into one holistic one?
  • How did you deal with situations in which you could see a deadline fast approaching that you can’t reach or meet?
  • What were your responsibilities in a weighty project that you had to lead? How did you manage a team?
  • If you have a client that’s not all that interested in the suggestions you’re offering, how would you deal with this and what kind of approach would you take to help them?
  • How do you deal with situations under pressure and how do you evaluate task priorities?

Accenture DayNine Consultant Interviews & Assessment Tests

The Accenture DayNine Consultant Recruitment process is comprised of 6 stages. First, you’ll complete an online application followed by a prescreening phone interview. Next, you may be required to take a full PI LI (Predictive Index Learning Indicator) test. A Predictive Index test follows, and the two final stages are a behavioral and case study interviews, the first to evaluate interpersonal skills and the latter for problem-solving evaluation and leadership skills.

Accenture DayNine Consultant Job Description

An Accenture DayNine Consultant builds relationships with clientele to optimize their brand presence and ROI with management or technology consulting services, helping clients design targeted products and services to yield new business models in a fast-paced and growing industry of tech solutions. You’ll need to think quickly, evaluate and reconstruct digital and IT environments to drive revenue and innovation.

Accenture DayNine FAQ

Q: What are the tasks and responsibilities of an Accenture DayNine Consultant, and what does an Accenture DayNine consultant do?

A: Accenture DayNine consultants help clients assess their current management and IT systems to increase ROI, brand presence, and innovative approaches to see them excel.

Q: How can I prepare for the Accenture DayNine Consultant PI LI test?

A: JobTestPrep offers a PI LI study guide and tests to help you prepare for the Accenture PI LI test.

Q: How can I ace the Accenture interview stages for the DayNine Consultant position?

A: JobTestPrep’s interview preparation materials, video tutorials, 13 case study tests and interview guides can help you ace all of your Accenture consultant interviews.

Q: What is the job profile of consultants at Accenture?

A: The Accenture consultant is organized, a quick thinker and learner, has strong interpersonal skills, knowledge of leading technology and business strategies and is results driven

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