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What's Included

  • Interview preparation
  • 13 case study tests and guides


JobTestPrep’s Accenture Consulting Analyst Preparation Pack is custom designed to help you achieve your goal of completing the stages involved in the hiring process successfully. With our collection of materials meeting the most recent market demands, industry trends and company insider info, get the knowledge and practice you need to reach your career goals at Accenture.

The Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation Pack consists of. Be ready to prove your leadership, technical and interpersonal skills, as these and various other abilities, skills, and talents will be assessed throughout the recruitment process.

Accenture Interview Questions

  • Can you describe your responsibilities in a previous internship or position?
  • Tell us about your experience with technical systems and the challenges and successes you may have experienced in working with them?
  • How do you deal with juggling multiple assignments and tasks simultaneously?
  • What do you consider the most challenging aspect of work within in a team?
  • Why are you interested in working at Accenture, and why specifically as an Accenture Analyst?
  • (For candidates currently working at another company), Why are you looking to leave your current position?
  • How did you handle a project, or various projects, that required performance under pressure?
  • How would you describe the SAP Sales Order Management procedure?
  • What the career track you envision for yourself at Accenture?
  • Tell us about a situation in which you had to use persuasion achieve work-related goals?
  • Are you familiar with various technology services that Accenture offers? If so, elaborate?

Accenture Consulting Analysts Assessment Tests

  1.    Online application
  2.    Phone interview
  3.    Behavioral interview
  4.    Case study interview

Accenture Consulting Analyst Job Description

The Accenture Consulting Analyst role primarily is geared towards helping clients pinpoint their challenges, and finding innovative and customized ways to help them overcome IT and corporate challenges in order to achieve their goals, such as providing excellent service, products, and assistance to their clientele. An Accenture Analyst should be a true leader that also knows how to collaborate with team members to meet client needs with a variety of technology, digital, transformation and organization strategies.

The Accenture Consulting Analyst position is dynamic and requires keen analysis of client business processes or company challenges to improve their metrics to identify how clients can create and capture key business opportunities. The position also involves developing and implementing changes in a client’s organization using problem-solving skills based on current worldwide, social, technological and economic trends, along with liaising them and ensuring their smooth and successful transition into new territory.

An Accenture Consulting Analyst requires sharp analytical skills, the ability to learn quickly and with agility,  and exceptional academic performance with a Bachelor or Master’s degree. The position also demands problem-solving skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, critical thinking and ambition to succeed.

FAQ – WH Questions

Q: What can I do to prepare for the Accenture analyst case study interview?

A:  JobTestPrep’s Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation Pack includes 13 case study tests and guides to help you prepare for the case study interview.

Q: How can I prepare for Accenture analyst behavioral and phone interviews?

A: Offering a variety of interview tips, guides, and video tutorials, the JobTestPrep Accenture Consulting Analyst & Management Positions Preparation Pack offers excellent practice and preparation for Accenture analyst behavioral and phone interviews.

Q: What can I except during Accenture analyst hiring process?

A: The Accenture analyst hiring process consists of submitting an application, and successful completion of a phone interview, and in-house behavioral and case study interviews.


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