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Use this guide to ensure you get the correct PrepPack™:

  • For India, Japan, and the UK use our Talent-Q-style preparation
  • For USA use Wonderlic and Hogan preparation

Prepare with our Abbott Assessments PrepPacks™

JobTestPrep’s assessment test PrepPacks™ include dozens of resources to prepare you for the Abbott hiring process. Abbott, formerly known as Alere, is a global manufacturer of rapid point-of-care diagnostic tests. Gain access to our wide selection of practice tests, study guides, score reports, and more by signing up today.


Excel At Your Abbott Assessment Tests With JobTestPrep!

Equip yourself with the tools you need to excel throughout the Abbott recruitment process. Give yourself an advantage over the other Abbott candidates by using our in-depth practice tests, score reports, and more!


Abbott Interview Prep

It is not uncommon to participate in several different interviews during Abbott's recruitment process. The first type of interview is usually held over the phone with a representative from the HR department. Phone interviews typically cover questions concerning your availability, salary expectations, and prior work experience.

Additional interviews held by Abbott will be most likely be face-to-face, either one-on-one or in a group or panel. Preparing for each type of interview and their most common questions will give you an advantage over the other Abbott candidates.

Why Do Employers Administer Aptitude Tests?

Employers want to ensure that they hire the right sort of people who possess cognitive abilities necessary to perform their roles well. The Aptitude Test allows employers to ascertain whether job candidates possess effective problem-solving skills, the ability to learn new skills quickly, ability to integrate new information, and the ability to deal with ambiguity in decision making.

What Negative Traits Are Revealed in the Personality Test?

The Personality Test has long become an indispensable part of many companies’ pre-employment assessment. Employers insist on inviting their future employees to take this test, because they want to ascertain that they will be the perfect fit for the advertised position. They also want to predict that their potential co-workers will not be engaged in sabotaging the equipment, stealing, blaming others, and displaying verbal or physical aggression. The Personality Test allows them to build an exact personal profile of each of their job candidates. The Personality Tests are not difficult but may appear so due to their length. As a rule, they contain around 80-120 questions that may take up to 3 hours to be answered. Because the Personality Test is so lengthy, it is better to familiarize yourself with its format so that you do not take more time than necessary on your actual examination. Make yourself acquainted with questions posed on the Personality Test with the help of our exclusive Personality PrepPack™.

Can You Explain the SJT Formatting?

There are two primary SJT formats, which are linear and interactive. Before taking the test, understanding the differences between the linear and interactive formatting will help to aid you in choosing the right answer.

  • Linear Format: This format is simple as you will be presented with a straight line of questioning. In this format, each question is usually independent to the following or prior question.
  • Interactive Format: In this format, each question will branch off and lead into other questions and scenarios in a continuous thread of thought.

In either format, some scenarios might have only one solution, while others could have multi-layer resolutions. Lastly, remember that the answer is in the eye of the tester who will be looking for the best and worst alternatives to any given issue.

How Can JobTestPrep Bring Me Up to Speed on My Test?

JobTestPrep has developed a comprehensive pre-test curriculum, including practice tests, score reports, answer explanations, interview preparation and much more. Gain the upper hand and land your dream job.

What Does a Hiring Process Usually Involve?

In many companies, a hiring process is complex and involves several stages. First, you need to upload your résumé and other recommendations onto the company’s website. After your résumé has been screened, you will be scheduled for a phone interview with a Human Resources manager. If you create a favorable impression during the phone interview, you will be invited to take one of the company’s tests, including a personality assessment. Provided you have excelled on your test, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview held in one of the company’s location. If the company decides to hire you, you may be asked to have a background check, after which you may be offered a position.


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