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What's Included

  • 2 assigning field units tests
  • 2 spatial orientation tests
  • 3 setting priorities tests
  • 4 oral comprehension tests
  • 18 character comparisons tests
  • 10 data entry tests
  • Memory recall test
  • Typing test
  • 2 Study guides – clerical and personality
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions



The PrepPack™ has an assortment of tests that are geared for your dispatching field. For example, you will find 2 assigning field units, 2 spatial orientations, 3 setting priorities, 4 oral comprehension, 18 character comparisons, and 10 data entry test. Furthermore, you can take our memory recall test to ensure your cognitive abilities are up to par with the specific job requirements. With a job like 911 dispatcher, it's so critical that you can also type quickly. Come, test your skills repeatedly with our typing skills examination.

Who Purchases this PrepPack™?

As you can note from above, this particular PrepPack™ is designed to help dispatchers feel ready for the upcoming aptitude tests. It is so critical to find the right people to fill the 911 dispatcher position. Thus, you can count on heavy testing. JobTestPrep can provide you with the right tools to better feel ready for the interview exams. Why tempt fate, join us for success!

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